Ganesa, read this interview while listening their great music!

Ganesa come from Karelia and most of you can remind them as participants in Paper Cut’s Grungy Bands World Cup, so, you know, it’s clear I think they are something special in a very positive way.

The Russian band has recorded several Eps, a full-lenght album (Первый Вздох) and a single (Voices) mixed and produced by the legend Tad Doyle.

Their work stays on the border between the Alice in Chains, The Melvins, Tad and My Sister’s Machine grunge type and the punky one for the shortness (most of the tracks are less than 4 minutes long).

Their album is written and sung entirely in Russian, but despite the linguistic difference you can feel an unusual attitude. Первый Вздох doesn’t let you breathe, is like as you are on a cascade and you have to go down safe with Ganesa charge and energy. Their rhytmic base is pretty excellent melted in that powerful sound given by two great guitars and the voice of Aleksander Rybkin who fits perfectly like the shoe of Cinderella. Listening to them you can feel the gloomy atmosphere that was taken out of Seattle.


How to know Ganesa better? Reading this interview with his frontman while listening their music (

Paper Cuts: Why did you use Russian for the songs? Maybe your albums are intended for Russian people could be the general idea.

Aleksander Rybkin: Actually,I have no troubles to make an English-language lyrics, but I realise, that the big part of people couldn’t understand it even at native language but now, after co-workin’ with Tad Doyle, the idea to use English more took a place in band’s view, its sounds better, I think and if some people don’t cought the message (if the message would be in the lyrics at all), so which language we should used?

PC: In Russia you have a controversial President, how is really the situation with music, do you feel that atmosphere of censorship and bans or there are only too many stories about his guide?

AR: I think too many stories but I dislike today’s regime.


PC: How does Ganesa start and grew?

AR: Since I listened to Nirvana first time and visited the few rehelsals of a local band, consisted of my friends. After it my schoolmate, whose also like to play, but black metal, only shown me the person who became our guitarist and my bestfriend as close as brother (Sergey) we got too many names and members, but we both always stay together in spite of different look or listening and we mostly creatin’ the music. At our 1st LP there were someone feelin’ or something like that in the most of the songs (although some of them were written many years ago and we’d recorded the album at 3 studios, cause I’d try to find the whole stuff, we neened to) and here will be no such common part. During our performance I heard most people say things as: “Look, they sound like Nirvana, they are shit” at the same time from the other part of the concert hall:”It’s not the Nirvana sound! They shit and not the grunge at all”. But, when Fathers like half of TAD band, Nick from MSM, and singer from Malfunktion (brother of Andrew Wood)+Xana from Seattle’s grungestoryteller told me that we rock it means we’re really ok, for me. They are all very very great musicians.

PC: How do you create songs and lyrics?

AR: Close and different ways at the same time… Lyrics is just the additional instrument here. But not without ideas: I take some feelings and wrote some lines to describe it. About the music-collective soul here, mostly.

PC: Can you try to describe this soul?

AC: The soul of the band? We’re like the family (but sometimes some of fam are really bastards) one of us come to studio with riff and here we go!

PC: What’s your future plane for the band?

AR: Talkin’ about plans, now we already collect songs for new release (EP as minimum, but who knows? Album also could be great). It’d be without any concept, only the whole sound. So it’d sound like very angry My Sister’s Machine (Hi, Nick!) met TAD in company of Sonic Youth and decided to jammin’ with KOЯN and Deftones.


La palabra a los campeones, an interview with Carne Para Perra

Carne Para P

At the end they did it. Los chilenos Carne Para Perra won our Grungy Bands World Cup in the extended final versus Acid Brains from Italy. Chile scored 55% winning with 118 votes to 95 of the italians. After the victory they played a show to celebrate the Paper Cuts trophy. But you know, our games are more than something funny: we want to share and spread the music and the messages of the underground bands all over the world and los campeones got so much to say.


The name Carne Para Perra, the band logo and, for example, the clip for ‘Diosa Fortuna’; all of these choices appear little extremes, especially in the grunge scene who is often feminist. Why did you choose this way? Is like riot grrrls who call themselves “sluts” to give their message pro-women?

The band’s name and the band’s logo are part of a concept. There are a saying that goes “Life is a bitch” so what if the life itself is a living entity? it should eat to survive so humanity becomes its food, we all are its meat, we are Meat for bitch.

The logo shows a human figure with different beef cuts on his body being the graphic representation of the idea.


“Diosa Fortuna” is about a reality that is latent all over the world, the loss of respect towards women and the murders of women at the hands of men. It is necessary for some men to learn to respect women and all others, just as it is necessary for some women to respect themselves and everyone around them.

That videoclip is specifically a bad combination between a man and a woman with unbalanced values.

One way to combat this reality is to speak publicly about it, silence is the best ally for these atrocities.

Is it easy to play rock and/or grunge in Chile? Which are the genres most listened in your country?

It is not easy for the bands with their own songs, regardless of the style of the band. There is a proliferation of tribute bands and that sells more than the underground bands.

Metal music is the style that has the most committed followers.

And how is your own musical background? When and how did you become grungers?

Eduardo (guitar/vocals): Nirvana and Alice in Chains here, I became grunger when listen to Nirvana in 1995, that was the day that my life changed.

What are the main themes of your songs and who is your ideal listener?

As a band we tries to speak about the human emotions from a darkest point of view. Fear, love, melancholia, violence, etc mixed into lyrics that can be interpreted in different ways according to the person who listens to them.

Ideal listener? That´s hard to say, if our music can provide a pleasant moment to anyone that is enough and rewarding for us.

Can you tell how was your own experience of the Grungy Bands World Cup?

It was really an honor that our music broke our borders and could be heard in other latitudes. We are very grateful that you help us spread our music and grunge music in general around the world.

Which are the other bands of the competition you like most?

They all had a spectacular sound but our favorites were Black Income and I’m a Sloth. It was a very novel idea to discover new grunge bands around the world, Thanks for that.

In addition we already knew Cable35, Nape and Violent Soho.

What is Carne Para Perra greatest desire?

Keep playing and creating new songs and do it for a long time, until we run out of life.

IN YOUR FACE, interview with Vulpynes

Maeve-Molly and Kaz a.k.a. Vulpynes won our female fronted bands game. Now is an enjoyable duty to know a little bit more these artists, who have the right roots and who are planning their future in the name of the capital M of “Music”.


Why “Vulpynes”?

The meaning of Vulpine is a fox. We love foxes, such beautiful animals! (and we met one recently!) We put the ‘y’ in instead to create Vulpynes, for something different.

To be a duo, pros and cons. You’re a duo by choice or by chance?

It wasn’t intentional when we started, but now, we wouldn’t have it any other way! We get on so well together, and we’re both pretty crazy, a third person just wouldn’t understand our madness!!

What are your influences (musical and from other artistic ranges) who suggested you to start theband?

Kaz: We both have different bands we love that inspired us to play, but we meet in the middle with 90’s grunge, Alice In Chains, Hole, Soundgarden etc.

Maeve-Molly: I do love 90s stuff like Alice in Chains and L7 but I’m a huge punk fan at heart. The Damned, Brody Dalle, Patti Smith and Misfits are among my biggest influences.

We got 8 bands in our competition. Can you name at least two of them: the one you like most and the one you didn’t know but seems to be interesting?

Skating Polly and Hands off Gretel are both great bands. We’re not even sure how we ended up in a poll with them, but there you go! we haven’t got around to checking out all of the other acts yet, but definitely will.

What about your local scene? How is to play loud music in Ireland?

The Irish scene is great, plenty of great venues and festivals to play. For such a small island, it has a lot to offer.

How was your 2017? What are your best memories of this ending year?

2017 has been amazing for us Vulpynes! We recently played a few gigs in London which were received very well. Some lovely people from all over UK traveled to see us, it was a huge highlight and we’re already planning our 2018 return!

And what are your future projects?

We have lots in the works! Live videos, releases, and as much gigging as humanly possible!

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