La palabra a los campeones, an interview with Carne Para Perra

Carne Para P

At the end they did it. Los chilenos Carne Para Perra won our Grungy Bands World Cup in the extended final versus Acid Brains from Italy. Chile scored 55% winning with 118 votes to 95 of the italians. After the victory they played a show to celebrate the Paper Cuts trophy. But you know, our games are more than something funny: we want to share and spread the music and the messages of the underground bands all over the world and los campeones got so much to say.


The name Carne Para Perra, the band logo and, for example, the clip for ‘Diosa Fortuna’; all of these choices appear little extremes, especially in the grunge scene who is often feminist. Why did you choose this way? Is like riot grrrls who call themselves “sluts” to give their message pro-women?

The band’s name and the band’s logo are part of a concept. There are a saying that goes “Life is a bitch” so what if the life itself is a living entity? it should eat to survive so humanity becomes its food, we all are its meat, we are Meat for bitch.

The logo shows a human figure with different beef cuts on his body being the graphic representation of the idea.


“Diosa Fortuna” is about a reality that is latent all over the world, the loss of respect towards women and the murders of women at the hands of men. It is necessary for some men to learn to respect women and all others, just as it is necessary for some women to respect themselves and everyone around them.

That videoclip is specifically a bad combination between a man and a woman with unbalanced values.

One way to combat this reality is to speak publicly about it, silence is the best ally for these atrocities.

Is it easy to play rock and/or grunge in Chile? Which are the genres most listened in your country?

It is not easy for the bands with their own songs, regardless of the style of the band. There is a proliferation of tribute bands and that sells more than the underground bands.

Metal music is the style that has the most committed followers.

And how is your own musical background? When and how did you become grungers?

Eduardo (guitar/vocals): Nirvana and Alice in Chains here, I became grunger when listen to Nirvana in 1995, that was the day that my life changed.

What are the main themes of your songs and who is your ideal listener?

As a band we tries to speak about the human emotions from a darkest point of view. Fear, love, melancholia, violence, etc mixed into lyrics that can be interpreted in different ways according to the person who listens to them.

Ideal listener? That´s hard to say, if our music can provide a pleasant moment to anyone that is enough and rewarding for us.

Can you tell how was your own experience of the Grungy Bands World Cup?

It was really an honor that our music broke our borders and could be heard in other latitudes. We are very grateful that you help us spread our music and grunge music in general around the world.

Which are the other bands of the competition you like most?

They all had a spectacular sound but our favorites were Black Income and I’m a Sloth. It was a very novel idea to discover new grunge bands around the world, Thanks for that.

In addition we already knew Cable35, Nape and Violent Soho.

What is Carne Para Perra greatest desire?

Keep playing and creating new songs and do it for a long time, until we run out of life.


#GrungyBandsWC: the final will be Acid Brains (Italy) vs. Carne Para Perra (Chile)


Acid Brains and Carne Para Perra give the final of our Grungy Bands World Cup to Italy and Chile.


The Italian band won with The Lost Poets (Sweden) with a majestic and surprising performance. This semifianl was epic and dramatic: Acid Brains took the lead but on the afternoon The Lost Poets ganed ground and could even overtake them. The two bands were 50%-50% for three times but the Italians had some more and the final result was 77-70: new record of votes per team in ev’ry competition and new record of total votes for match (in ev’ry competion as well). The Lost Poets will have the 3rd match play-off with the Austrian I’m a Sloth and will win the “fair play prize” for sure ’cause they voted for ev’ry single match, even after their bitter loss and let a message on their FB match to wish to their competitor Acid Brains a Merry Christmas and good luck in the final.


The second semifinal was more easy but the two bands and their fans gave all they had: both Carne Para Perra and I’m a Sloth established their personal record of votes (55 and 35) and had shown their enthusiasm.


Now the competition will have the Christmas break and on the 27th from 11 AM (CET), UTC +1 there will be the 3rd place play-off .

But we got a surprise: the grand final will last more than 24 hours. The match between Acid Brains and Carne Para Perra will start on the 28th at 11 AM and will end on the 30th at 23,59 (usual timezone).

Now I wish you a Merry Christmas and I give an idea for the gifts: buy records or merch of these super four bands. Support Acid Brains, Carne Para Perra, The Lost Poets and I’m a Sloth, they all deserve your love!


#GrungyBandsWC Are you ready for the semifinals?

Acid Brains, The Lost Poets, I’m a Sloth, Carne Para Perra: these are the fantastic 4 who gain the semifinals of our Grungy Bands World Cup.

acid brains2

The first match will be Acid Brains VS. The Lost Poets a.k.a Italy VS. Sweden. The Italian stallions won with the Irishes (Otherkin didn’t defend the title won in the Female Fronted Bands World Cup by Vulpynes) with 83%; the result of the first quarter was 5-25, if they want to go to the final they have to find at least 10 votes more. The Swedishes are strong as their Viking’s roots, The Lost Poets scored 11-34 (76%) in the match against Spain that wasn’t so open as we could imagine after Round of 16. Less than 24 hours to see who could go to the final between Italy and Sweden, a challenge that reminds something to the soccer fans.

the lost poets

The other semifinal will start on Thursday and involves I’m a Sloth from Austria and Carne Para Perra from Chile. The Austrian got a great comeback versus the famous Australian challengers: they won 19-25 (57%) and now they need 20 votes more to gain the final. Yay, because los chilenos scored again 43 votes 72% against the famous American opponents. Carne Para Perra is the only non-European band in the semifinals. This competition seems very different from the Female one that got 4 English-spoken Nations on the final 4 (here we have Scandinavians who sing in English, Mediterraneans in English and Italian, Mittle-Europeans who sings in English and German and Southamericans in Spanish). Even the results are very different: in the Female Cup the were no Round of 16 and the quarters were poor (record 20 votes for Hands Off Gretel), but in semifinals we got a 67-50 and in the final Vulpynes won 72-39 versus Skating Polly, could the Grungy Bands World Cup’s protagonists do better?

i'm a sloth2

#GrungyBandsWorldCup Who are in the quarter finals?

i'm a sloth1

Round of 16 was not so fighted, every band who won did it in a very easy way, this because they all were lucky to have found challengers with a cold fanbase. Yay, ’cause our previous Female Fronted Bands World Cup, has teached us that to win these titles you need to have a great tribe of hot and lovely fans. During Round of 16 we have seen that some bands know how to involve people who love them and them music, as we know that more than one of round 2 matches will be unsafe for the hearts. So who are the greatest 8 bands? Otherkin (Ireland), Acid Brains (Italy), Las Sexpeares (Spain), The Lost Poets (Sweden), I’m a Sloth (Austria), Violent Soho (Australia), Carne Para Perra (Chile) and Dead Sara (USA).


The first match will start tomorrow, 15th Dec. from 8 PM (UTC +1) the opponents are Otherkin, the worst of the bests in tRound of 16 with 73% and 11 votes versus 4 with the indonesian Cocox Iwax Endox, and Acid Brains the Italian stallions who scored the exactly double points than the Irishes.


Then Las Sexpeares from Spain (85% on first match) who has a good fanbase versus The Lost Poets from Sweden (86%) who has a majestic fanbase who helped him to score 9 points more than the Spanishes next rivals. So Spain got a call-to-action because this could be a sparkly match.


The third match is interesting too: I’m a Slot – Violent Soho. The Austrians won 36-8 versus the Canadians Metz (a Sub Pop Record’s band doesn’t need to be involved in these stupid games). The Australians are too huge that the fan groups did the job and could score easly 26 votes, but the need some more if they want to gain the semifinal.

violent soho

Last quarter is Carne Para Perra – Dead Sara. Los “cabrones” de Chile got the record in terms of result: 43-3, the Americans scored only 17 points but got the best percentage: 94% of choices against Nape. If the DEADicated will not wake the semifinal could easly go to Chile.



#GrungyBandsWorldCup, from tomorrow on PC Facebook page


16 bands, 16 Countries for another amazing tournament on Paper Cuts Facebook page. It is the Grungy Bands World Cup that will follow the Female Fronted Bands World Cup won by Vulpynes from Ireland.

There will be 16 matches (round of 16, quarter-finals, semifinals, 3rd place play-off and final) so it will be longer than the female one. This is more male oriented but there are a few bands with grrrls in too. Each challenge will be 24 hours long during which you will be able to vote for your favourite one.

I decided to use the adjective “grungy” because “grunge” is difficult to be defined. If we are pretty sure that Nirvana was grunge (but NME wrote they were thrash, during the Bleach-era), we couldn’t find a band who completely fits in this genre in these times; Grunge Is Dead, no? And the sound sometimes is a little bit different and too clean. We can read often about “new grunge”, “post-grunge”, “sort of grunge”, “grunge and such”. So “grungy”. Yay, ’cause these bands are not from the primitive era of grunge and no-one comes from Seattle.

The “Cup” will start tomorrow at 8 PM CET (UTC +1) with the first match. This is what the draw has choosen:

Otherkin (Ireland) – Cocox Iwax Endox (Indonesia)

Mad Seed (Argentina) – Acid Brains (Italy)

Las Sexpeares (Spain) – Ganesa (Russia)

The Lost Poets (Sweden) – White Car Nation (France)

I’m A Sloth (Austria) – Metz (Canada)

Violent Soho (Australia) – Black Income (Denmark)

Nape (Germany) – Carne Para Perra (Chile)

Cable35 (UK + Malta) – Dead Sara (USA)

As on the previous game we hope you could discover some great bands, some of them are well-known but others are in the wonderful world of the underground. Are you ready for it?

Vulpynes (Ireland) won “the cup”


With a new record of votes per band in a single game (72) Vulpynes made it! The Irishes won our Female Fronted Band World Cup. Nothing to do for Skating Polly from U.S.A (39 votes). Maeve and Kaz scratchy-garage sound and their fans “fury” gave the victory to Vulpynes. The record of total votes in a single match was established in the semifinal Hands Off Gretel-Vulpynes, 117, what an epic battle!

Vulpynes were a sort of surprise: they won against three well-known bands as Le Butcherettes (Mexico), Hands Off Gretel (UK) and Skating Polly. Maybe this is the best result for Paper Cuts original purpose: to spread great music who deserve to be heard and this fits perfect with the Irish duo. So listen to them and support this band!

Hands Off Gretel (UK) 3rd with honour #femalefrontedbandswc


A super band with a super fanbase. After the unexpected loss with Vulpynes, Hands Off Gretel kicked ass in the 3rd place play-off  of our Female Fronted Bands World Cup versus Valentiine with their fans who made a great deal of love establishing a new record in terms of votes in a single survey: 69 (previously belonging to the Irish rivals, with 67 in the semifinal).

Hands Off Gretel ended the “cup” winning 69-4 versus the Australian band.

And now it’s time to celebrate the British band with some of their videoclips! They really deserve to be listen!


Are you ready for the final Skating Polly VS. Vulpynes?