Layne in kinderwhore slapping Demri, Mad Season rare pictures surfaced


Mad Season made history with only an album: the masterpiece: ‘Above’ (1994). The darkest grunge band ever was that place where Layne Staley found a sort of comfort zone free to express himself without Jerry Cantrell’s heavy presence. We all know the history of the cover used for that album: an illustration made by Staley himself from picture of a kiss between him and his soulmate Demri Parrott.


Now we have the full material from the photoshoot for the album, never seen before. no-one seems to know who the photographer is. The pics was on sale on ebat but now the link doesn’t work anymore.


The photos and the negatives are, you know, whoah! We can see a passionate kiss between Layne and Demri (very different from the one used for the cover who was more punk), the twos naked, Stanley in kinderwhore slapping his little girl dressed only with a short overalls, various shoots of Demri and one of the singer wounded in the face with blood and black eyes.

These could be the sadomasochist photos that Nick Pollock¬†mentioned to David De Sola in the unofficial biography “Alice In Chains: The Untold Story” that Layne had showed him, as noted a fan discussing about this material on Facebook but it doesn’t really care.

We have this great stuff and it is something very Artistic and full of Love between two very beautiful miserable Souls, must see again and again.





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