That Nirvana music are not rarities! The decline of music journalism

In these days John Purkley a.k.a. The Observer, a “friend” of Kurt Cobain published on YouTube 4 cassettes he claims that the Nirvana singer gave him. He and NME, Spin and dozen of media all over the world say this are something unheard before but this is a great lie. The versions of the songs posted by Purkley are all included in the Outcesticides and in the boxset ‘With The Lights Out’. I have try to let pass this shit, but finally I have to write these lines. Purkley is posting videos every day now and he speaks about stories of Kurt, Tracy Marander, The Melvins, Krist Novoselic etc. who must be finished in his unreleased book ‘Paper Cuts’ (oh, shit!). The Observer talks about hurricanes that almost destroyed that tapes, but he and his sister could obviously save this “unreleased” treasure. And our friends of NME, Spin etc. gave the story to some writer who clearly didn’t hear Nirvana bootlegs and b-sides so the little ones copied and pasted the news and millions of people now thinks that we have 2 hours of “new” music by Kurt Cobain.

I want to tell you all:

  • Hear before share
  • Music journalism is dead
  • Don’t trust who said: “I was Kurt Cobain’s friend”, he hated almost every one (and he was right)
  • Someone wake Courtney Love up, this is a good cause


Patrick Poini


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