Skating Polly: the teaser of album 5 directed by Henry Mortensen

skating polly new

Skating Polly fifth record in studio will be released in Spring. The band published the teaser directed by Henry Mortensen, son of the Academy Award winner Viggo and of the seminal punk Exene Cervenka who appeares singing with the band (what a guest).

All song produced and mixed by Brad Wood (as ‘Adore’ by The Smashing Pumpkins, the self-titled of Placebo and a pair of Veruca Salt works).

In the teaser we can hear a few notes very fuzzy and grungy, so we can imagine that we are going to hear another masterpiece from these young guys named Kelli, Peyton and Kurtis (on his first record with his sisters).

The tracks will be 13: a few of them as ‘Queen For A Day’ played during the last months gigs and others that have nice titles as ‘Hollywood Factory’ or ‘They Are Cheap (but I’m Free’).

So you can play the teaser below and remember: this is my favourite band since 5 years circa and they were finalists in out Female Fronted World Cup.


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