La palabra a los campeones, an interview with Carne Para Perra

Carne Para P

At the end they did it. Los chilenos Carne Para Perra won our Grungy Bands World Cup in the extended final versus Acid Brains from Italy. Chile scored 55% winning with 118 votes to 95 of the italians. After the victory they played a show to celebrate the Paper Cuts trophy. But you know, our games are more than something funny: we want to share and spread the music and the messages of the underground bands all over the world and los campeones got so much to say.


The name Carne Para Perra, the band logo and, for example, the clip for ‘Diosa Fortuna’; all of these choices appear little extremes, especially in the grunge scene who is often feminist. Why did you choose this way? Is like riot grrrls who call themselves “sluts” to give their message pro-women?

The band’s name and the band’s logo are part of a concept. There are a saying that goes “Life is a bitch” so what if the life itself is a living entity? it should eat to survive so humanity becomes its food, we all are its meat, we are Meat for bitch.

The logo shows a human figure with different beef cuts on his body being the graphic representation of the idea.


“Diosa Fortuna” is about a reality that is latent all over the world, the loss of respect towards women and the murders of women at the hands of men. It is necessary for some men to learn to respect women and all others, just as it is necessary for some women to respect themselves and everyone around them.

That videoclip is specifically a bad combination between a man and a woman with unbalanced values.

One way to combat this reality is to speak publicly about it, silence is the best ally for these atrocities.

Is it easy to play rock and/or grunge in Chile? Which are the genres most listened in your country?

It is not easy for the bands with their own songs, regardless of the style of the band. There is a proliferation of tribute bands and that sells more than the underground bands.

Metal music is the style that has the most committed followers.

And how is your own musical background? When and how did you become grungers?

Eduardo (guitar/vocals): Nirvana and Alice in Chains here, I became grunger when listen to Nirvana in 1995, that was the day that my life changed.

What are the main themes of your songs and who is your ideal listener?

As a band we tries to speak about the human emotions from a darkest point of view. Fear, love, melancholia, violence, etc mixed into lyrics that can be interpreted in different ways according to the person who listens to them.

Ideal listener? That´s hard to say, if our music can provide a pleasant moment to anyone that is enough and rewarding for us.

Can you tell how was your own experience of the Grungy Bands World Cup?

It was really an honor that our music broke our borders and could be heard in other latitudes. We are very grateful that you help us spread our music and grunge music in general around the world.

Which are the other bands of the competition you like most?

They all had a spectacular sound but our favorites were Black Income and I’m a Sloth. It was a very novel idea to discover new grunge bands around the world, Thanks for that.

In addition we already knew Cable35, Nape and Violent Soho.

What is Carne Para Perra greatest desire?

Keep playing and creating new songs and do it for a long time, until we run out of life.


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