#GrungyBandsWorldCup Who are in the quarter finals?

i'm a sloth1

Round of 16 was not so fighted, every band who won did it in a very easy way, this because they all were lucky to have found challengers with a cold fanbase. Yay, ’cause our previous Female Fronted Bands World Cup, has teached us that to win these titles you need to have a great tribe of hot and lovely fans. During Round of 16 we have seen that some bands know how to involve people who love them and them music, as we know that more than one of round 2 matches will be unsafe for the hearts. So who are the greatest 8 bands? Otherkin (Ireland), Acid Brains (Italy), Las Sexpeares (Spain), The Lost Poets (Sweden), I’m a Sloth (Austria), Violent Soho (Australia), Carne Para Perra (Chile) and Dead Sara (USA).


The first match will start tomorrow, 15th Dec. from 8 PM (UTC +1) the opponents are Otherkin, the worst of the bests in tRound of 16 with 73% and 11 votes versus 4 with the indonesian Cocox Iwax Endox, and Acid Brains the Italian stallions who scored the exactly double points than the Irishes.


Then Las Sexpeares from Spain (85% on first match) who has a good fanbase versus The Lost Poets from Sweden (86%) who has a majestic fanbase who helped him to score 9 points more than the Spanishes next rivals. So Spain got a call-to-action because this could be a sparkly match.


The third match is interesting too: I’m a Slot – Violent Soho. The Austrians won 36-8 versus the Canadians Metz (a Sub Pop Record’s band doesn’t need to be involved in these stupid games). The Australians are too huge that the fan groups did the job and could score easly 26 votes, but the need some more if they want to gain the semifinal.

violent soho

Last quarter is Carne Para Perra – Dead Sara. Los “cabrones” de Chile got the record in terms of result: 43-3, the Americans scored only 17 points but got the best percentage: 94% of choices against Nape. If the DEADicated will not wake the semifinal could easly go to Chile.




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