Federal Aviation Administration honours Nirvana

In the Seattle’s Boing Field of the King County International Airport there are 3 between waypoints and procedures named in honour of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. The “discovery” was made by Nirvana’s bassist Krist Novoselic himself while he was driving his own plane in yesterday’s very foggy morning. During his departure (some hours later he has gone mad to having lost a jacket in a club and played with The Doors, or sort of them), the controller gave him ‘Nirvana 1’. “I was so elated” he wrote on his Facebook. So Cobain’s ex bandmate looked on the maps finding that Federal Aviation Administration named two waypoints  as CBAIN and  KURRT and they are into the aRea NAVigation (RNAV) NRVANA, the rules say that these names must have 5 letters, so Nirvana misses the I and Kurt has 2 R. Novoselic ended: “Always good to think on Kurt Cobain”. Yes Krist, you know you’re right.





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