#GrungyBandsWorldCup, from tomorrow on PC Facebook page


16 bands, 16 Countries for another amazing tournament on Paper Cuts Facebook page. It is the Grungy Bands World Cup that will follow the Female Fronted Bands World Cup won by Vulpynes from Ireland.

There will be 16 matches (round of 16, quarter-finals, semifinals, 3rd place play-off and final) so it will be longer than the female one. This is more male oriented but there are a few bands with grrrls in too. Each challenge will be 24 hours long during which you will be able to vote for your favourite one.

I decided to use the adjective “grungy” because “grunge” is difficult to be defined. If we are pretty sure that Nirvana was grunge (but NME wrote they were thrash, during the Bleach-era), we couldn’t find a band who completely fits in this genre in these times; Grunge Is Dead, no? And the sound sometimes is a little bit different and too clean. We can read often about “new grunge”, “post-grunge”, “sort of grunge”, “grunge and such”. So “grungy”. Yay, ’cause these bands are not from the primitive era of grunge and no-one comes from Seattle.

The “Cup” will start tomorrow at 8 PM CET (UTC +1) with the first match. This is what the draw has choosen:

Otherkin (Ireland) – Cocox Iwax Endox (Indonesia)

Mad Seed (Argentina) – Acid Brains (Italy)

Las Sexpeares (Spain) – Ganesa (Russia)

The Lost Poets (Sweden) – White Car Nation (France)

I’m A Sloth (Austria) – Metz (Canada)

Violent Soho (Australia) – Black Income (Denmark)

Nape (Germany) – Carne Para Perra (Chile)

Cable35 (UK + Malta) – Dead Sara (USA)

As on the previous game we hope you could discover some great bands, some of them are well-known but others are in the wonderful world of the underground. Are you ready for it?


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