Sorry but it’s boring, hopeful for the next one


Giants in the Trees first record won’t made the history. The eponymous of Krist Novoselic’s band, with Jack Endino’s hand, is well-played and well-sang by Jillian Raye who can sing like Shirley Manson or in falsetto, but in the forefront I can hear more technique and stylish things than inner contents (Ode to Pacific Anarchism, semi-instrumental). It’s a pity because the two singles (Sasquatch and Seed Song disconnetted from the other tracks was working). It’s like the Iron Maiden’s record X: brillant singles in boring albums. I can compare the Giant in the Trees folk-rock to murder ballads genre and if I think to nowadays I can speak about Karen Elson: her first work was a masterpiece in my opinion but the second one was boring (with 1 or 2 good songs), why? Maybe the inspiration or simply I’m not too into non-ugly things. The band is good so I’m hopeful for the next one.

You can listen it here (and let me know what do you think):


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